A creative day in London town

Posted: October 9th, 2014 by Alison

Juggling a business and looking after a toddler can sometimes mean certain things in life have to take a back step. Unfortunately one of those things is getting to art galleries but last Saturday was an exception and I had a day off from being Mum and got to visit the Royal Academy of Arts.

I have some lovely close friends in London and we are all from a creative background so we arranged a day taking in some culture and then a chat over lunch. We did this a few months back too and it was such a hit that we decided to plan in another one.

This time round we visited the Dennis Hopper exhibition at the Royal Academy. Dennis Hopper is best known as an actor appearing in iconic films like Apocalypse Now, True Romance and Easy Rider. He is perhaps less well known as a photographer.

During the 1960’s he took images of events and people that were around him; street life of Harlem, Civil Rights movement, hippies, Hell’s Angels and his close circle of artists and actor friends. It was an age of film photography and none of his shots have been cropped, they are as he saw them through the view finder.

It’s a great exhibition, really capturing a time of political unrest and personal expression. If you can try and go visit before it closes on the 19th October.

Dennis Hopper at The RA