Pinterest, is it for me?

Posted: July 28th, 2016 by Alison

Pinterest has on average 2 billion searches every month. Compared to other social media platforms its usage is lower than Facebook or Twitter but as a marketing device it shouldn’t be dismissed. Facebook users’ primary purpose is to connect with friends and get news, Twitter is all about relevant news, articles or videos and Pinterest is all about products or services represented in a visual way. Users are often looking for inspiration on what to cook, what to buy, what to wear or what to do.

60% of its users are women and 50% parents. 75% of Pinterest usage takes place on a mobile device and compared to other social media networks it doesn’t actually require a lot of time or effort.

For those that are totally unaware of this social media platform here is a basic over view:

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a personalised catalogue of ideas and interests. You can create a collection of images which you file under a board name and then you ‘Pin’ anything of interest to that particular board. For example, if you are planning a wedding, you might have boards called invitation ideas, flowers, what to wear etc.. Anything you see of interest you ‘Pin’ to the relevant board.

How does it work?

People can follow you as a user or they can just follow a relevant board that you have created. Once you start following people and boards their pins will appear in your feed. You can then ‘like’ a pin, comment on it or re-pin to one of your own boards if you think it’s something very relevant to you. Pinterest will also recommend pins to you that may be of interest depending on what you have recently been ‘liking’ or ‘pinning’.

How is it relevant for businesses?

If you are a B2C business then Pinterest is perfect for you. Your target clients are browsing Pinterest, whether it’s to find some home interior ideas or planning a children’s party. As a business to consumer provider your end audience is right there. Social media as a whole is driving a real increase in retail traffic, it is reported that over 80% of users go on to make a purchase after they have pinned it.

Business to business providers shouldn’t dismiss Pinterest either. By creating boards that are relevant to your business you can then become an expert in that particular field.

Where to start?

So you have created a couple of boards and ‘pinned’ a few items to it. Now time to think about your boards from a business perspective. Infographics are huge on Pinterest and there is bound to be an infographic relevant to your business. Create a board for Infographics and pin anything that might be of interest to your target client base. Create a series of boards that reflect your business offerings and also anything that your clients will want to see and learn about. Try and have a good balance of boards, 80% about your business, its expertise and offerings and 20% that give you and your business personality.

Create your own content

It’s important to create your own content to share on Pinterest as well as pinning anything you see on the internet that you think is important or relevant. Create images or visuals that are interesting to look at. The more interesting it looks the more likely you are going to get re-pinned. Think about your business or brand story visually. Inspirational quotes are also huge on Pinterest, so if you can’t think of a particular image that sums up your business, create an image using a quote or saying. When you name your file, make sure it contains a targeted key phrase to help the search engines find it. If you haven’t got a graphic designer to hand or someone who knows their way around Photoshop there are various apps that you can get for free that help to create social media content, one that is particularly good is Canva

Pinterest Analytics

Make sure you create a business Pinterest account which will give you added functionality of analytics on your account. This allows you to see what pins and boards get the most likes and interest. You can then gather this data and pin more relevant content to your own page and don’t forget to engage with anyone who has commented on your posts.

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