The festive season is coming

Posted: November 6th, 2014 by Alison

Now we are in November it seems that it is now ok to start talking about the ‘C’ word! Shops are full of gift ideas and a certain department store has revealed its current festive TV ad. With the change of weather over the past few days it does feel like we have left Summer behind and it’s now time to drag the winter coats out of the wardrobe. I am not one of those organised people who have started their Christmas shopping but one thing I have started to think about are my designs for this years Christmas cards.

Over the past couple of years I have made the effort to send cards through the post as I love receiving them and would hate to see this tradition fade along with letter writing. We all love to receive post, not the junk mail kind but the hand written personalised kind. If you are a business it’s also a great time to keep up those client relationships, reminding your clients that you are still there should they ever need your services.

I have a range of Christmas cards available to buy, just check out my website. Or if you want to commission your own bespoke design then I can also help. Lets keep the Christmas card alive and keep on sending them.

Christmas cards from Joshi was Janes