What's the value of a graphic designer?

Posted: February 10th, 2017 by Alison

Time and again I come across businesses who don’t see the value in what I do. I often get asked to produce a logo or brand identity for as cheap as possible and yet this small crucial investment can really change how your business is perceived by your clients and your potential clients. In this blog I am going to give you some reasons as to why businesses should make a graphic design investment in their new year marketing plan.

First impressions matter

Website, logo or business card, high quality graphic design gives businesses credibility. If a business looks good we are more likely to perceive it as reliable and trustworthy. If you have invested in a good logo the chances are you really are who you claim to be. Graphic designers can ensure your logo, website etc.. is working at its optimum, is following design trends and is attracting the right audience.

Good branding makes a company memorable

How many times have you remembered someone or something because of how it looks? The same goes for businesses. If your product or service is in a highly competitive market then you need to ensure you are remembered more than your competitors. A logo or branding that is clever or striking is always going to start a conversation.

What can set you apart from your competitors? Creativity and clever thinking.

Many graphic designers like myself have gone through years of training at colleges and universities to gain the knowledge to create good design. Yes creativity is something that is within us, but you have to learn how to use that creativity and to know when something is not working. Graphic designers spend most of their time looking around and absorbing visual messages, always noticing good and bad design, we never switch off! We are often our own worst enemy as we are constantly striving to create something that is better and cleverer than our peers. For clients that is perfect, it means we will always go above and beyond to make sure you have the best creative solution you can get.

Spending more upfront saves time and money

Yes good quality graphic design is not always cheap but it really is an investment for the long term. If the time and money is spent at the beginning getting it right then everything else you need to create, like leaflets, business cards etc.. fall in to place a lot quicker and easier (and cheaper!). We are not having to re-design, re-think anything as your brand identity is so strong and you have a great collection of brand assets. It should also mean that you won’t be looking at a complete re-design for many many years as it should stand the test of time.

If your business looks good you feel good about your business. You will want to hand out your cards and show off your website as you are really proud of it. As a designer that is the best testimonial that any client can give me, that they are excited about what I have created and just want to show it to everyone.

So if you have a business that is looking tired, you are embarrassed to give anyone your web address or hand out your business card, then get in touch with a graphic designer and see what magic they can do to make your business really stand out.