Highfield Preparatory School Prospectus design by Joshi was Janes

Highfield Prospectus

Highfield Preparatory school prospectus re-design

Logo and branding for Currency Stream, a multi-currency exchange service

Currency Stream logo

Logo and branding design for a currency exchange business


Hobnosh at Hobbledown

Brand re-design of the restaurant at Hobbledown


Body Mechanics

Logo and brand refresh for a corporate health and wellbeing business


Fad Free PT Logo Redesign

Logo and brand refresh for London based personal trainer Lana Jane


A to Z Nutrition

Brand identity refresh for Maidenhead nutritionist Apples to Zinc


Blooming Flowers

Brand and logo identity creation for Blooming Fabulous Flowers

MidMar logo and brand creation by Joshi was Janes

MidMar HR logo

Logo and brand creation for an independent HR consultancy


Infographic creation

Illustrations to communicate a work process or statistic

Chiltern Seeds Spring 2018 cover design

Chiltern Seeds brochure

Spring brochure direct mail design for seed ordering company

Coopman Creative website home page design

Coopman Creative

Copywriter's portfolio bespoke website design and build

Smart Store Cooking Cook Book Design by Joshi was Janes

Smart Store Cooking

Cook book design for the novice cook who wants to cook simple and tasty food