British Indian Kitchen

Simple and striking logo design for British Indian Kitchen

Thank you so much for all your time and effort helping me with the branding for British Indian Kitchen. You’ve done an amazing job and you really embraced the concept straight away. I’m super happy with the results and people have already commented on how good it all looks, thanks to you!

Sunita Solanki, Founder

Sunita Solanki is a modern British Indian cook, she wanted a logo and branding for her cookery business that moved away from the cliched Indian styling so often seen. JWJ created a simple yet striking black and white logo adding a touch of orange, a nod to the colour of spices used in Indian cooking. The main typeface is modern and bold with small flourishes to the S and C, inspired by the decorative Indian patterns without being too overpowering. JWJ came up with the secondary tag line ‘It’s more than curry’ to get across Sunita’s USP, Indian food that moves away from curry dishes. The hand written font was added to create a personal touch as Sunita herself runs the cookery classes and invents her own British Indian fusion recipes.

Logo and branding for British Indian Kitchen by Joshi was Janes Postcard for British Indian Kitchen by Joshi was Janes