Blooming Flowers

Brand and logo identity creation for Blooming Fabulous Flowers


Hobnosh at Hobbledown

Brand re-design of the restaurant at Hobbledown

MidMar logo and brand creation by Joshi was Janes

MidMar HR logo

Logo and brand creation for an independent HR consultancy

New brand identity for Lindy Smith by Joshi was Janes

Lindy's Cakes logo

Brand identity re-design for international cake designer Lindy Smith

logo and brand creation for Grasshopper Footwear by Joshi was Janes

Grasshopper brand creation

Logo and business card design for a footwear design agency

WDI logo and brand redesign by Joshi was Janes

WDI logo redesign

Energetic logo for a business consultancy service

Logo identity for Perfect Lovely Cakes by Joshi was Janes

Perfect Lovely Cakes

Logo and brand identity for sugarcraft artisan Perfect Lovely Cakes

Kidspace logo refresh by Joshi was Janes

Kidspace marketing

Print and online marketing collateral for a children's play centre

Logo and branding for British Indian Kitchen by Joshi was Janes

British Indian Kitchen

Simple and striking logo design for British Indian Kitchen

Hobbledown leaflet design

Hobbledown adventure park

Branding development for Hobbledown adventure park

Logo and branding for the restaurant in Kidspace, Romford by Joshi was Janes

Hobnosh restaurant

Logo and branding design for the restaurant in Kidspace

Logo and branding for Currency Stream, a multi-currency exchange service

Currency Stream logo

Logo and branding design for a currency exchange business