Hobnosh at Hobbledown

Brand re-design of the restaurant at Hobbledown

Hobnosh at Hobbledown were revamping their menu and decided to re-design the whole look and feel of the restaurant as well. The menu for Hobnosh is inspired by street food from around the world. The aim of the menu is to try and offer something more exciting than fish fingers and chips for the children, help expand their taste buds and try new things in an environment that they know and trust.

The clients wanted the identity for Hobnosh to reflect this new street-food inspired menu. The identity and branding needed to be edgy and modern and could fit easily alongside food brands that you might find at street food markets in central London.

Joshi was Janes created a logo that used the iconic hat of Huck from the Hobbledown stories. Along with bold typography, blackboard style textures and hand drawn graphics, the whole branding was fresh and inspiring. A very different feel from what you might find at other family attraction restaurants.

Joshi was Janes was tasked with applying this new branding across all areas of the restaurant, inside and out.

Hobnosh_at_Hobbledown_branding Hobnosh_tabletalkler_menu_design Hobnosh_street_food_map Hobnosh_street_food_map Hobnosh_outside_menu Hobnosh_fussy_eater_logo Hobnosh_menu