K2U party logos

A family of logos designed for Kidspace's new venture, K2U parties

Kidspace were launching their new venture K2U, Kidspace children’s parties to you. They briefed JWJ to create a family of logos that represented the different themed parties on offer; pirates, cowboys, disco, outdoor adventurer etc. The client liked the idea of a crest / badge and using wings to illustrate that the parties come to you. JWJ created a face using the letter shapes and icons, different hats and graphics were added to represent the different style of party. A distressed texture was added to make it feel like a graffiti tag.

Party logo for Kidspace parties 2 You Party logo for pirate Kidspace parties Party logo for cowboy Kidspace parties Party logo for disco Kidspace parties Party logo for outdoor adventurer Kidspace parties Family of Kidspace 2 You party logos