Perfect Lovely Cakes

Logo and brand identity for sugarcraft artisan Perfect Lovely Cakes

Alison has a very professional, calming and sensible way to work through visions and objectives to get to something that will be longer lasting and truly representative of your thoughts. Alison has created a logo that has helped me start my business with real confidence.

Hardip Pabla, Founder

Hardip Pabla was venturing in to a new business, something that she had a real passion for and wanted a strong brand identity that reflected the detail and expertise of being a sugarcraft artisan. JWJ was briefed to create a brand identity that didn’t use the traditional ‘cake’ icon. Hardip wanted something that felt different from her competitors and didn’t limit her business to just traditional cakes. JWJ came up with a graphic device that worked around the letters that had movement and energy with a delicate touch. The logo was created in different colours to allow for the different areas of the business that Hardip was planning to move in to. The swirling graphic was also supplied as a repeat pattern to add texture and depth to brand communications.

Logo identity for Perfect Lovely Cakes by Joshi was Janes